Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete Floor Repair, Restoration, Resurfacing

Dural can repair, resurface and restore any concrete floor surface using concrete and/or cementitious materials and can complete slab repairs quickly and on budget.

Commercial concrete flooring repairs and resurfacing projects are often daunting tasks that require a firm understanding of the work environment, labor concerns and time constraints. Without a solid concrete flooring company in control of the project, serious delays and profits could be lost. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly research who you’re hiring for the job.

Here at Dural Flooring, we pride ourselves in leading the industry in commercial concrete flooring renovations, repairs and resurfacing projects. From the smallest of balconies to the largest of parking lots, our passionate crew members are ready to give 100 percent to ensure your commercial concrete flooring project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Floor Repairs

Cracked slabs can be more than just an unsightly nuisance in a commercial dwelling, they can be very dangerous. Taking care of cracks, chips and potholes in carports, on balconies and around industrial equipment is essential to keeping everyone in the work area safe from trips and falls. Uneven and out of level flooring also poses a work risk. Commercial concrete flooring that is uneven might cause materials and tools to roll away, potentially creating a dangerous situation.

Our unionized in-house team has plenty of experience fixing commercial flooring problems of this nature. With all of the tools, materials and labor on hand and ready to go, Dural has what it takes to get your commercial flooring project done with quality craftsmanship and precision. All of our employees are WHMIS and Fall Safety Certified so no matter where you need commercial concrete flooring work, our fully insured and bondable crew can handle the job.

Concrete Machinery Bases

Whether it’s concrete machinery bases for industrial washing machines or more complex concrete bases for walk in freezers, Dural Flooring has the know-how, the tools and the team to get the tasks completed in a timely manner, all while making as little impact on your day to day businesses operations as possible. We also have experience installing industrial floor tracks and conveyor bases, so no matter what type of concrete base you need for your business, Dural Flooring can provide it for you.

Office Flooring

When curtain walls, office wall systems and sky walls are installed in a commercial office space, if the concrete flooring isn’t nearly perfectly level, it can easily cause major issues with the applications. In some cases, the commercial concrete flooring must be installed to a tolerance of +/- 1 millimeter to provide an accurate subfloor for these types of intricate office systems.

If you need a perfectly leveled office floor, then look no further than Dural. With over 50 years of experience working on commercial concrete flooring for office spaces, boardrooms and even gymnasiums, Dural Flooring can install your minimal tolerance concrete floor with ease.

Warehouse/Epoxy Flooring

When heavy equipment such as a forklift travels up and down warehouse floors every day, it can cause serious stresses to unstable concrete flooring. Unstable concrete flooring is not only dangerous for employees, but it also takes its toll on equipment and materials.

Dural Flooring can lock the floor, chase and seal the cracks and epoxy the floor to your own unique specifications. Whether it’s a large industrial airplane hangar or a small loading dock, we can take care of all your warehouse flooring needs. Give Dural Flooring a call today at 416-759-2255 and let us solve your commercial concrete flooring problems for good.