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Dural Concrete Flooring is a 50 year old Toronto based company specializing in resurfacing and leveling of concrete floors. Dural’s staff is unionized, fully insured... READ MORE

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Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Floors - Questions & Answers FAQ - get your answers here for - helpful information on concrete flooring READ MORE


Dural has an excellent reputation for delivering quality work on time and has enjoyed completing prestigious projects such as, Four Seasons Yorkville Residences... READ MORE

Concrete Balcony Repair

A damaged concrete balcony can be trouble for Property Managers - learn how to get it repaired quickly and made to last - damaged, pitted & poorly finished READ MORE

Toronto Concrete Floors: Residential & Commercial Flooring Contractors

Are your Toronto concrete floors out of level, humped or cracked? If so then you may need to resurface the concrete. This especially holds true when you're covering the bare concrete with a flooring product such as linoleum, carpet or wood. Every defect that is in the surface of the concrete subfloor will telegraph to the surface of the flooring material, ensuring that your new flooring isn't going to look its best. Ripping up the old concrete to replace it with a smooth new surface can cost a fortune and is unfeasible in many cases. So what do you do to repair damaged concrete floors?

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